Nutritionists Agree That These Are the Healthiest Foods You Can Eat


Urban Outfitters

There are so many clashing nutrition philosophies in the world it can make a person's head explode. I learned this firsthand when I sent my weeklong food diary to two nutritionists with opposing backgrounds and received wildly different feedback from each. (If you're curious, a holistic nutritionist told me my high-carb vegan diet was so protein deficient that I was close to death, while a traditional expert told me I was right on track.)

There are shockingly few foods that all nutrition experts can agree on. Some think soy is perfectly healthy; others think it's poison. Some think fruit belongs in a healthy diet; others think it's so sugary you should never touch it. Some think dairy is the devil; others think Greek yoghurt is the nectar of the gods. I could go on for days. All this conflicting information can make a consumer so frustrated, you just want to throw your hands up, and say "Is anything really healthy?"

That's exactly the question we were inspired to answer, so we sent out a mass email to 17 nutritionists and doctors from all different backgrounds and asked them to name the foods they consider most healthy. Then we cross-referenced their feedback and put together this master list. Let's put an end to the guessing once and for all—keep scrolling to discover the foods nutritionists can agree on.