How to Get Thicker, Fuller Brows the Easy Way

HD Brows have been around for a while now and long considered the king of all brow treatments, such is the treatment's ability to fluff up, intensify and restructure even the flimsiest, most overplucked of brows. I mean, it's not called high definition for nothing.

Of course, in more recent years, microblading may have taken the world by storm—our editorial director, Amy, is a fully fledged convert—but it doesn't offer as many things that HD Brows can. Firstly, HD Brows are a little less permanent, so there's more room for experimentation. Plus, HD Brows are a lot cheaper than microblading, making the treatment a good option for when you haven't got a few hundred to drop on overhauling your eyebrows. Are we making a good case for reviving this much-loved treatment?

We're sure you've got a few questions you need answering before you sign yourself up, and so we went straight to the source and asked HD Lead Brow Stylist Jamie Long for the 411. Keep scrolling to find out why HD Brows might just be able to fulfil all of your eyebrow goals.