5 Ways to Instantly Feel Happier, According to a Psychologist

Christmas is coming—but not soon enough, if you ask us. The dark mornings, less-than-desirable weather and the endless to-do lists we need to work our way through before the festivities can begin is all taking its toll. Oh, and it's only Monday, which means we have the whole week to plough through before the weekend arrives once again. To say our mood is low is an understatement. 

One way to feel happier or calmer if you're having a stressful day is to use colour to brighten your mood. Colour psychology, a relatively new area of research, explores how different hues affect our state of mind. It may seem too simple to work, but trust us bringing a little colour into your life on a grey, gloomy day can make all the difference. Keep scrolling for five beauty tricks that will make you feel happier in an instant.

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Opening Image: Zara