3 Health Experts Reveal The Hangover Cures They Swear By

Hangover cures that really do work are hard to come by, especially when so many that abound—from hair of the dog to chomping down a fry-up—are shrouded in myth and pseudoscience. If you ask the NHS, they’ll tell you that a bona fide hangover cure doesn’t actually exist (we tried). But while there might not be a works-for-everyone magical solution for that pounding headache, there are certain tricks that could indeed help to take the edge off. We’re not just talking about headache tablets.

While chugging plenty of fluids is a given to rehydrate your body (one of the main causes of a hangover is the way alcohol saps your body of water), we’ve tapped four health experts for additional tips and tricks that might help you shake off that morning-after fug.

Keep scrolling for the hangover cures a nutritionist, a trainer and a pharmacist all rely on.