How to Be the Golden Goddess Snapchat Filter IRL This Halloween


Faith Xue

Snapchat filters are, quite simply, You can swap faces with your friends, turn yourself into an animal (or a piece of toast… ?) and completely morph your face into something you'd only send your friends on an app that erases the picture eventually (unless they'd be cruel enough to grab a screenshot). But if we're being perfectly honest, there's nothing like those beautifying filters: the "pretty" filter, the flower crown filter, and our personal favourite, the Golden Goddess filter. 

The best part about this filter is that it heavily contours, whitens your teeth, and just gives you an overall ethereal glow that we wish happened in every picture—so much so that we wanted to try the look IRL. But because a glowing, butterfly-laden, gemstone-covered look isn't exactly appropriate outside of social media, we figured we'd have some fun and turn it into a Halloween costume that we promise is super easy to create. Want to learn how? Keep scrolling!

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