9 Epic Halloween Makeup Tutorials (No Costume Necessary)

We love the chance to dress up and play around with even more makeup. But, as beauty editors, there's a lot of pressure on. We need to wield our many brushes and eyeshadow palettes like we never have before. With each passing year, we like to try to surpass ourselves in the Halloween department. Think about the one when Monica competed against herself with the Thanksgiving meal, and you're halfway there in terms of how we feel about besting ourselves.

But painting on animal makeup or a Cleopatra eyeliner can be tricky, even for those of us who are pretty adept at applying the stuff. And we're not the only ones. We also know how much the Byrdie reader loves makeup, which is why we've gathered nine of the best tutorials on the Internet to help you join in on the festivities. The best bit is there's no costume required, meaning you'll probably already have everything you need at home. Keep scrolling for nine epic Halloween makeup tutorials.