How to Remove Stubborn Halloween Makeup Without Ruining Your Skin

When your costume calls for a heavy-duty makeup look, chances are your regular cleansing regimen won't cut it—especially since a lot of costume makeup (particularly face paint) is formulated differently than everyday cosmetics, with all sorts of additives to make it stay put. 

This means that in order to keep your complexion from going haywire (whether you're prone to acne, sensitivity, or both), it's essential to make sure you're getting every last smidge of makeup once the night is over and that you're not roughing up your skin in the process. Glamour posted a pretty foolproof method of doing so, and here are the key takeaways

All of those additives in face paint and novelty cosmetics don't slide off easily, but an oil-based formula is your best chance at mobilizing things. And don't be stingy, either—use as much product as necessary, and really massage it into your pores. Rinse and repeat until it's all gone.

2/4 Clear double sided fashion tape.

It's tough to brush off all those pesky sparkles, but they can also be really abrasive to your skin if you don't. Gently apply strips of fashion tape to your face to efficiently remove glitter.

3. Use Cotton Pads to See What You've Missed

Especially in tricky areas like the hairline, which is prone to breakouts as it is and tough to see. Using a micellar water or any other kind of gentle cleaner on a white pad helps to ensure that you got all remaining traces of makeup.

This is so important, especially after A) putting a ton of products on your face and B) doing such a deep clean to remove it all. Pick something lightweight but effective, like Sunday Riley's Good Genes.

What are your favourite makeup-removal hacks? Tell us in the comments below!

Opening Image: Fun Size Beauty