18 Hairstyles Round Faces Can Totally Pull Off

I was born with a round face, so I know how hard it is to find the best hairstyles to suit it. Contouring is my friend, and so is a clever hairstyle. Some hairdressers get it; others don't. I've had face-skimming layers that only serve to accentuate the moon-like shape of my mug. Honestly, I look like Lunar from Bear in a Big Blue House (google her, and, yes, I know I'm too old to know who she is). But I digress… For anyone out there with a round face, I get you.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a round face per se. Some people love their round faces—more power to you, but it's just trickier to find a flattering hairstyle (and photo angle for that matter). Over the years, I have learnt what works and what doesn't. (There were tears and trips to Boots for kelp tablets; apparently Jennifer Aniston took these when she wanted to grow out her bob circa 2001.)

Anyway, the point is that a bad haircut for anyone with a round face can cause serious heartache. And let's face it, we're busy women; no one has time to get horribly tearful over their hair and then have to spend time wrestling with straighteners to eke out some extra centimetres. Keep scrolling for 18 hairstyles that are guaranteed to look good on you, and in some cases actually make your face look slimmer (a miracle!).