Experts Agree: These Are the Best Hairstyles for Long Faces

Stop everything: The search for the best haircuts for long faces is officially over because we've got them all right here for you. While we might all stumble into the hairdresser's clutching a picture of the latest A-lister who has the most covetable hair, the truth is their hairstyle just might not suit your face shape (nope, still not over the Rachel). So what's the solution, especially for those with longer faces? And where do you start when you know certain hairstyles and cuts accentuate the very feature you're trying to minimise? 

Fear not, for we've enlisted the expert advice from two talented celebrity hairstylists Adam Reed and George Northwood. They have worked in the industry for years cutting hair and working out just what kind of hairstyle suits which type of face shapes. For longer faces, they highlighted just what you can do to minimise the length with certain hairstyles, but also looked to the kind of cuts you can ask for to ensure you're making the most of your look. Click through our gallery for their advice, along with pictures from some of our favourite A-listers.