The Best Haircuts of All Time for Thin Hair

If you thought you were the only one, think again: Many go through life with the curse of thin hair. Instead of being super thick, you have (what feels like) the bottom end of the DNA deal—limp, lifeless strands. But there’s no reason fine-haired ladies need to throw in the towel. Beauty is about optical illusions. Just like the right lipstick can make your lips look fuller, and the right eyeliner can make your eyes pop, the right haircut can transform thin hair into a (seemingly) thick, voluminous mane.

So for those of you who are lamenting your gene pool, fear not, for we have discovered some of the best haircuts for thin hair that will make your style look fuller. From the short to the long, there are plenty of options out there that will not only make the most of your hair but will also suit every face shape.