An Incredibly Easy Tip for Healthier Hair

We’re always talking about the best products for lived-in locks, and the most advanced oil for smooth ends, but the foundation for good hair starts in the shower. It turns out, you could be making your ends dry and your roots oily—both of which are key to a bad hair day—without even knowing it. It may seem strange, but try this simple trick.

Instead of shampooing your entire head, only apply shampoo to your roots. Lather as you normally would, but don’t let the shampoo touch the bottom half of your hair until the very end. As you rinse your locks, the shampoo will quickly sweep over your ends, which will remove build-up without over drying.

When you condition, only apply your formula of choice to the bottom half of your hair. Believe it or not, the hair on your scalp doesn’t need as much conditioning, as long as you’re doing a mask every one or two weeks. In fact, conditioning your roots may be the reason they get greasy quickly.