The 19 Most Influential Celebrity Hairdressers to Follow on Instagram

There's a reason why hairstylists can become our best friends. When sat in their chairs, we often reveal a lot about our lives. Whether that's where we're going on holiday, that argument we had with our best friend or who we have a crush on, the person tending to our hair sometimes knows more about us than our own mothers. 

This relationship is just as strong in the celebrity world. For celebrities, it's not just a salon visit every six weeks; the hairdresser often travels around the world to ensure their A-list client's hair is looking incredible on every red carpet, whatever the continent. As a result, we get to go behind the scenes with our favourite celebs via their hairdressers' Instagram accounts. 

So who's worth following for this unparalleled insight? From Alexa Chung's George Northwood to Jennifer Aniston's Chris McMillan, take a look at the who's who of the hair world. 

Click through our gallery to find out the most influential hairstylists on Instagram, and whose hair they look after.