Tipping Hairdressers: A Breakdown on the Correct Etiquette

Hairstylists fill a lot more roles beyond just “that person who cuts my hair.” Case in point: that time you used your appointment as your own personal therapy session and vented about your flatmate issues for the entire duration of your cut (no judgement). In the end, we want to make our hairstylists happy because they, in turn, make us very, very happy.

But the thing is there’s a lot of grey area—which is exactly why we asked two London professionals all the questions you might feel too awkward to ask your own. Hairstylists James Pryce, Paul Percival, Anh Co Tran, Tanya Abriol, Nick Stenson, and Matthew Monzon gave us the scoop on what you should really do if you’re running late, unsatisfied with your cut, need to take a phone call, and more. Keep scrolling to hear their perspective.