The Summer 2016 Hair Colour Guide, Straight From Pinterest

There's a restlessness that comes with summer that always keeps us on our toes. We make travel plans to get out of the city, leave work early in favour of Friday Happy Hour, and change up our beauty looks to complement the sunny weather and our even sunnier dispositions. 

Our first stop? Hair colour. It's easy to change on a whim and the very least regrettable—unlike my fringe circa summer 2009. So, in order to make the best (and most fun!) decisions pertaining to your new seasonal 'do, we spoke with a few colorists who know the trends inside and out and how to ensure you'll leave the salon happy. Then, we took to Pinterest for all the inspiration necessary. 

Keep scrolling to find your next hair colour—Pin it, print it, and bring it in for your appointment. You're going to love it.