Reviewed: Leave-In Supplements That Will Change Your Hair

I’ve been bleaching my hair for 16 years now. Mostly I leave it to the professionals but I did have a dangerous liaison at sixth form with a bottle of Sun-In that left me with hair the texture of wire wool. The problem is that hair dye whether administered by my clumsy teenage hands or a colourist breaks down natural bonds inside the hair and those bonds are integral to having healthy, shiny tresses. Interestingly scientists have now discovered each of our hair strands is protected by an outer lipid layer, but this is also compromised by colour (typical).

It makes sense then, that years of colouring my hair has left it pretty brittle which translates to terrible tangles and a general lack of shine. In fact, my hair’s ability to be detangled when I leave the house and tangled by the time I reach my desk is quite miraculous, there doesn’t even have to be wind involved. I’ve tried everything—leave-in conditioners, detangling sprays, hair masks—and nothing seems to keep those dreaded knots at bay. So when I came across Color Wow’s new Bionic Tonic hair ‘supplements’ that have been created to target three big issues linked with colouring: silkiness, strength and limpness, I was intrigued.



Color Wow

First things first, they’re not for drinking, instead they are leave-in treatments. The Carb Cocktail (£22) contains starch, quinoa and keratin protein to plump out hair that has been left limp from colour treatments. Alternatively, if like me tangles are the issue then you need the Coconut Cocktail (£22) which targets the loss of that lubricating layer with fatty acids and emollients. I cocktailed the coconut with the third: Kale Cocktail (£22) which focuses on strengthening the hair deep down with amino acids and B Vitamins. You can mix Kale with either the Coconut or Carb.

After shampooing and towel-drying, I simply applied a 20 pence size of Kale onto my hands and worked through the mid lengths and ends before repeating with the Coconut. They’re not cheap but I can use them in lieu of my regular conditioner. Heat helps speed up the process so I rough-dried my hair to 80 percent and then left it to air dry (I tend it to air-dry completely which helps avoid frizz).

I was genuinely astounded by the results, my hair looked as if it had been styled in a salon—glossy, easy to comb through and a lot less frizzy. I may or may not have done some hair swishing in front of the mirror (who doesn’t love to pretend they’re in a TV advert for shampoo, just me?). The effects of the Kale Cocktail work over time, while the others are more instant wash-in, wash-out. I was so impressed that I emailed the founder to thank her for inventing a product that really does tackle my colour-related woes, once and for all.

Which products do you rely on to keep frizz, tangles and damage at bay? Let us know in the comment box below.