From 1500 BC to 2015 AD: The Extraordinary History of Hair Colour



If you're lucky, you escaped the dangers of your early teens (and perhaps pre-teen years)—namely the drastic and inevitably unflattering hair-colour change, often at the hands of your best friend. If you're even luckier, you've made it this far with having to sit down in hairdresser's chair and hear the words "colour correction." And if you're really lucky, you've avoided the hair colourist's chair and the bathroom hair dye situation altogether. To those fortunate few, we say mazel tov. The rest of us, for better or worse, have been dyeing, highlighting, balayaging, toning, and glossing enough to make your head spin. Because for the majority of women, hair colour is an important part of beauty (more on this below). And we've come a long way in the journey to beautiful, vibrant, hair commercial colour. Just how far? Just how many hairs have been tinted throughout the course of history? Keep reading to find out!