A 3-Ingredient Soak to Make Your Hairbrush Like New

If you brush your hair at least once a day, your brush is enduring plenty of wear and tear. So how much can it handle? We got the scoop from Keratin Complex stylist Abraham Sprinkle.

It turns out that your hairbrushes can last for years—as long as you keep them clean and washed. But, let's be real, when’s the last time you bathed yours? Here’s an easy 3-ingredient soak that’ll help prolong your brush’s lifespan.

Sprinkle says he first removes any hair that's been caught in the bristles with a sturdy comb. Then he combines baking soda, shampoo, and cold water (as hot water can soften bristles), and soaks his brush in the mix for about an hour. This de-gunks the brush and gets rid of any residue from styling products. Finally, he rinses the brush and lets it dry. One note: if your brush has a wooden handle, like a Mason Pearson Brush, you may need to clean it differently—here are the step-by-steps.

When it's finally time to get a new brush, Sprinkle says to look for one that has strong bristles and a good grip, and it doesn't have to be expensive. Cost mainly matters when you're dealing with boar bristles (he says the pricier ones tend to be better quality). But how do you know your brush's time is up? Sprinkle says if your bristles are snagging on your hair and starting to fall out, it's time for an upgrade.

Time to ‘fess up: how long have you had your hairbrush? Is it time for a new one?