Hailey Bieber on Clean Beauty, Jade Rollers and the Show She's Binge-Watching


Courtesy of BareMinerals

Hailey Bieber is huddled on the sofa at Soho Farmhouse in a red sweater and pants layered under a red faux-fur coat, her hair is pulled back into two neat braids and she has barely any makeup on. She’s cool, calm and collected, completely relaxed. Her skin is so perfect that she can pull off the no-makeup makeup look effortlessly. That’s not to say Bieber doesn’t wear makeup, though. During our five-minute chat, she is most animated when talking about the new BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Stick Foundation SPF 25. In September of this year, Bieber (then Baldwin) was signed on as a face of the brand’s new “Power of Good” campaign. Talking about BareMinerals comes easily to Bieber since she has a long-standing relationship with the brand, recalling that her mum has used the iconic loose mineral powders for as long as she can remember.

From the skincare tool and in-salon facial Bieber relies on to her favourite BareMinerals buys (plus the unlikely product she uses as a highlighter), keep scrolling to read Byrdie’s exclusive interview with Hailey Bieber.