This Is Why Hailey Baldwin's Skin Looked So Glowy at the Billboard Music Awards

Studies on beauty perception show that glowy, sun-kissed skin is consistently ranked higher on attractiveness scales, but achieving a natural-looking glow without A) exposing yourself to harmful UV damage or B) turning orange from sunless tanner is a near-impossible task. Bad self-tanner happens to many of us, which is why when we witness a celebrity on the red carpet sporting a fake-looking tan job in front of an audience of millions (we won't name names), our hearts break a little bit on their behalf. Equally, when we spot a red carpet glow that works, we simply must know what products were responsible.

The most recent celebrity to strike a flawless, natural-looking summer glow was Hailey Baldwin at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Truly the second the 21-year-old model arrived, team Byrdie let out a collective, "Damn."

Luckily, we had an in with Baldwin's makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who told us exactly what he used on her face and body to turn her into a sun-drenched goddess. Read on to discover the two products that gave Baldwin her enviable glow, and then shop them yourself.