The 13 Quotes That Will Get You to the Gym Every Time

Ugh, the gym is the worst, no? Sometimes you just don't have the motivation to move your butt for that workout. In the morning, it's too cold or you're too tired, but in the evening, you've got a date with friends or Netflix. And with work getting in the way during the day, this leaves little time to go to the gym and get yourself moving for that all-important workout. But as we all know, you have to make time to exercise. We're all very good at making excuses, and while it's okay to give in sometimes, if you want to stay healthy and fit, you need a boost to get you into the gym. 

To help with this important part of your life (and because we're always here for you), we've come up with the best gym motivation quotes to get you up and out and ready to get going. From Jennifer Aniston to Rocky Balboa, we reckon these quotes will get you one step closer to pressing the start button on that treadmill. Keep scrolling for our gallery on the best gym motivation quotes.