Love Working Out? This is The Skincare Routine For You

Going to the gym, taking high intensity classes and running are all great for your health, but when it comes to your skin you can be putting undue stress on your complexion. The potential for that hard-fought sweat to clog pores, the constant running around that gives gravity a helping hand (think loss of elasticity in the skin) and the redness. Oh, the redness! A HIIT class can leave you as bright as a beetroot.

If you love to exercise you should tweak your skincare routine to combat what your workouts are doing to your complexion. Think about it, you wouldn't go running without wearing a sports bra, so don't head out without SPF either. You don't need to completely overhaul your gym wash bag, but depending on the classes you love you should be adding in a couple of skin essentials to give your complexion a fighting chance of looking just as good as those abs. Keep scrolling for the gym bag beauty products worth investing in.