Easy Styling Tricks for When You're Growing Out Your Hair

You know when you've got freshly-cut hair and you're oh so happy with your blunt fringe and how amazing it looks? But fast-forward a month or so, and what do you have? A strange, grown-out mess that is neither fringe nor cool middle-parting. This haircare challenge combined with the morning rush to work makes for some trying minutes (or sometimes even hours) in front of the mirror as you attempt to tame your mane.

What's worse is if you've decided to grow out your hair from a pixie crop or a neat bob, knowing what lies ahead is months of awkward styles that you never asked for. It is enough to push anyone to the brink. And we'll admit it, we've shed a few frustrated tears as we've desperately coaxed unwanted and misbehaving layers into something that looks a little more presentable for the office.

However, it doesn't have to be that way. Help is at hand. By enlisting the advice of some of the beauty industry’s top hairdressers, we’ve got the tricks and tips to sorting out your locks when it’s in that strange no-man’s hair land—the dreaded “in-between” stage.

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