If You're Growing Out Your Brows, Here's How to Make It Easier on Yourself

Strong, natural brows are here to stay—which is why if your arches are of the sparser variety, the FOMO is real. But while you've likely heard that if you've plucked your brows for long enough, they don't stand a chance of coming back, in many cases, that's simply not true—we can promise you that from our experience, growing out eyebrows doesn't have to be as painful a process as they all suggest.

Still, it's not quite as simple as just not touching your brows for a few months. There are other factors at play, from the food you eat to the skincare formulas you use, not to mention bonus strategies straight from pros in the know that will gently coax your formerly full brows back out of hiding.

Follow these eight essential rules to help your arches meet their full potential.