Why You Need to Own a Grey Lipstick—It's a Game Changer

It was back in December that I heard Smashbox was launching a grey lipstick for spring. I was both parts intrigued and horrified. Grey is an absolute staple colour in my makeup bag housed happily within a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette, but on my lips? I wasn’t convinced. The shade in question, called Punked (£17), is part of the new Be Legendary Matte Lipstick collection. I’m not really a punky kinda person; I’d choose natural, pretty or sultry over edgy when it comes to my makeup look any day. Of course, the team at Smashbox saw this as a challenge and they invited me along to the Smashbox Studio in London to try and change my mind. What’s crazy is that I’m now convinced everyone should own a grey lipstick, keep scrolling to find out why.