Finally--An All-Natural Peel That Actually Works

When it comes to skincare, the term “all-natural” is a double-edged sword. On one hand, any product that’s free of parabens, chemicals, silicones, and alcohols sounds (in theory) like it should be better for your skin. On the other hand, these products can sometimes be so mild that they just don’t deliver the same results as their more potent counterparts. With this misguided preconception, I dubiously tried Goldfaden MD’s Fresh-a-Peel ($85) exfoliating peel without high expectations—and was soon proven very, very wrong.

This natural peel is made with lactic acid and multi-fruit enzymes, and left my face feeling ridiculously soft, clean, and polished. I couldn’t stop admiring my skin afterwards, and I loved knowing that I hadn’t doused it with harsh chemicals in the process. If you’re a peel newbie, have sensitive skin, or just want a brighter, more even complexion, pick up this product immediately—your skin will thank you.