Meet the Ancient Berry That Gives You Perfect Skin

As beauty editors, we consider ourselves fairly well versed when it comes superfoods. We snack on blueberries to load up on antioxidants and chop up tomatoes to decrease our chances of sunburn. And yet, there’s always something new and unknown out there—in this case, we’re talking about an ancient Chinese berry called goji. We started noticing them recently as our acai bowl obsession increased, since they’re frequently sprinkled on top for a mere dollar more. Intrigued, we decided to do some digging—and what we found was major. Quite simply put, these little berries are chock-full of antioxidants, fight free radicals like none other, and can give you clearer, brighter skin. Think of them like a way, way more potent version of the berries we know and love. It’s no wonder women in China have been adding them to their tea since ancient times.

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