Go Buy Now: Urban Decay's Brow-Taming, Travel-Friendly Kit

I don’t normally like kits or palettes: as a beauty editor, the space in my makeup bag can’t be wasted by chunky compacts with pans of products that seem good in theory, but don’t get used. And although I, like the rest of the Cara Delevingne-loving world, am more in tune with my brows lately, I don’t normally carry any products for my arches with me. So how, then, did a brow palette make it into my purse?

Urban Decay’s Brow Box ($29) is deceptively small and incredibly convenient. It has two powders, both with an ashy undertone—which I’ve learned is very important—you apply with one of two small, angled brushes. I add a little wax after the powder to keep my brows in place—and trust me on this—but then I dab the rest on the top of my cheekbones for luminosity. Of course the kit also comes with tiny tweezers, which fill in for my trusty Tweezerman set to grab stray hairs or do a quick clean up in a hotel room. (Who remembers to bring tweezers with them when they travel?) But the best part? There are two little mirrors in the box, one of which is magnifying! Which makes perfecting my brows on the go that much easier.