Go Buy Now: Terry de Gunzburg's New Scent Collection

By Terry founder Terry de Gunzburg has made a career out of mixing beauty products. The French medical student-turned-makeup artist served as creative director for YSL Beauty—where she invented the beloved Touche Eclat ($40)—before starting her own company over a decade ago. “It took me three years to convince YSL to produce Touche Eclat,” she says, a formula she recreated from her days as a makeup artist mixing rose water, moisturizer, and a dab of Clinique foundation to create a perfectly-radiant highlighter. It paid off for both her and YSL, and now she’s working on a new challenge: getting you to combine your perfumes.

On Friday, de Gunzburg launched By Terry’s first fragrances stateside, five luxurious scents that range from Flagrant Delice ($195), a lighter scent rooted in fig and almond milk, to her personal favourite, Ombre Mercure ($195), a slightly-spicy, rich blend of wood, iris, and vanilla. We’d happily wear each alone, but de Gunzburg would rather we layer, a trick she learned from her mother. We mixed different scents from the line this weekend with delightful results: a whole new take on a signature scent.

“I always wear the Ombre Mercure, but today I added in some gardenia (Reve Opulent),” she told us Friday. “It’s like trying a new lip colour, but you always wear the same foundation.” Bonus? “You can’t put certain notes in the same bottle because they would mix and smell awful, but when you layer it on your skin the scents captivate each other,” she says. It might not be the most economical route to a signature scent, but certainly a cool idea. Here’s to hoping for a holiday gift set of all five!