This Is How I Went Blonde Without Damaging My Hair

I spent my university years dying my hair every colour under the sun. Black, red, burnt-orange… You name it, I've done it. And by the end of my three years studying (read: drinking and sleeping), my hair needed a break. Which is why I spent the next six years embracing my natural (what some may call "mousy") brown colour. Don't get me wrong; I've dabbled in subtle highlights, but I never fully committed—I was afraid I'd ruin my now-virgin strands.

Last summer, I spent a solid six months talking about dying my hair blonde. I wanted to be blonde blonde but still look natural (read: not peroxide blonde). And, of course, I wanted my hair to be healthy. In short: I wanted a lot. I decided to head to my new favourite salon, Buller and Rice (which is conveniently 15 minutes from my flat), and after two swift visits to see salon co-owner Anita Rice, I'm now blonde (and loving it).

Buller and Rice's focus on sustainable haircare and eco-friendly practices are what really sets them apart from other salons. For me, going blonde as ethically as possible was an important factor, as was maintaining healthy hair with eco-friendly products, so I knew I'd be in good hands there. Keep reading to hear how I went blonde while still managing to have healthy hair, plus shop the products I'm using to maintain my health post-visit…





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