The 8 Makeup Products Our Editor Swears By to Look Glowing Every Day

There are some makeup products out there that can give the illusion you have glowing skin. Some can make you look like a woman who is stress-free, has time to get LED facials at the drop of a hat and knows the world's best skin experts on a first-name basis.

In all honesty, I've gotten so many compliments on my skin this year, and while it's better than it has been in previous years, I still get spots, redness and areas of pigmentation. Since I'm a beauty editor, you probably already know that I treat my skin well. I use good skincare, a gua sha nightly and go for facials now and then. 

But makeup is also involved… Want to fool friends into thinking you have a complexion that rivals Jennifer Lopez's? Below, see eight makeup products that give the complexion a healthy glow. These babies will have everyone telling you, "Wow, you have great skin."