Get Glowing in 8 Weeks With Madeleine Shaw's New App

Madeleine Shaw, nutritional health coach and long-time friend of our new Wellness Columnist Millie Mackintosh, has launched her brand-new app today! Called Glow Guides it is an eight-week programme based around three key pillars: Move, Munch, Meditate. 

The app has audio, video and PDFs that will help you live healthier throughout the process. There are daily strength and cardio workouts and seven-day recipe plans with 70 exclusive new recipes.  

"I was tired of transformational programmes focusing on how you look rather than how well and happy you are," explains Shaw. "For me, real transformation needs to go beyond the superficial if it's to have a lasting and positive effect. The Glow Guides’ approach is completely holistic but I also hope it feels like your best friend, providing inspiration and words of encouragement."

Each week your Glow Guides app will feature:

- An introductory video outlining the key Move, Munch and Meditate Glow Goals for the week.

- Two strength and cardio-based workout videos led by renowned personal trainer Shona Vertue (alongside Madeleine herself). Each workout comes with a printable PDF so you can take it to the gym!

- A Vinyasa-yoga video led by Madeleine.

- One relaxing and restorative yoga video for Sundays!

- One meditation audio, led by Madeleine and designed to be done daily.

- Regular push notifications to guide, motivate and keep you on track.

But that's enough of us, here's Madeleine to talk you through it:

After the eight weeks are up, you should have all the tools and know-how you need to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. The Glow Guides (£50) is available on iOS and Android from today.

Have you downloaded the Glow Guides yet? Let us know in the comment box below.