Why Calorie-Burning Infrared Saunas Will Get Us Through the Winter Months

If someone blindfolded you, put you a flight simulator for 11 hours and guided you into Glow Bar, you'd definitely think you were in Los Angeles. That would be a slightly elaborate prank to pull, because Glow Bar is, in fact, a stone's throw from Oxford Circus in London. The pale-pink salon is next door to blow-dry bar DryBy, and a hop and a skip from Psycle.

Glow Bar is home to infrared saunas downstairs, and a bar and shop stocked with all manner of accessories and edibles to get you glowing upstairs. Infrared saunas have long been popular on America's West Coast; Californians swear by them for their ability to detoxify, burn calories (one study showed that a 30-minute sauna can burn 600 calories), and boost circulation.

There are other benefits aside from the calorie burn. The warmth is great and will definitely get you through the colder winter months. Infrared saunas have also been found to boost collagen (for plumper skin), release endorphins to give you a post-sauna high and to aid sleep. Sounds tempting, right? Keep scrolling to find out more about the Glow Bar experience.