Glossier's New Mascara Is Here, and It's the Least Clumpy We've Ever Tried


Courtesy of Glossier

Few brands can cause as much a stir at the news of a new product drop as Glossier. You'll no doubt remember the frenzy caused by the launch of Lidstar (£15), the brand's shimmering cream eye shadows that went on sale late last year—and which, by the way, are quite possibly some of the greatest things to ever grace my eyelids.

But now, prepare for the next Millennial Pink product set to liberally pepper your Instagram feed: Lash Slick (£14), Glossier's answer to mascara.

We had to keep schtum until now, but over the past week, both Editorial Director Amy Lawrenson and I have been putting the mascara to the test. So, before you invest, let us fill you in on everything you need to know first.