If You're Going to Douse Your Roots in Glitter, Do It Well


Rich Fury/Stringer/Getty Images

You can hear it coming: festival season. And with it, an army of glitter-encrusted festival goers are on their way. A bit of sparkle is the beauty mascot of the summer season, after all.

If there's one place that gets a little more glitter attention than anywhere else, it's the scalp. Yes, glitter roots are arguably the biggest beauty trend to hit the fields and parks of the UK over the past few years. Like most festival beauty trends, they have us all divided. Either you're for glitter roots that look like sparkly dandruff, or you're of the camp that really couldn't care less about decorating your roots.

So if you're still desperate to give glitter roots another spin on this season's festival circuit, we have a little advice on how to bring things up to 2018.