18 Glitter Nail Designs to Give You All the Festive Manicure Inspo

Glitter nails never go out of fashion for us here at Byrdie HQ. Whether it's an ever-so-slight sparkle or a full-on bedazzlement, glitter nails will always have a place in our hearts and on our Instagram feed. But when Christmas rolls around, glitter nails spark a whole new wave of popularity. We want everything to have a bit more sparkle and glitz. Whether that's with chunky glitter pieces, star embellishments or ultra-fine shimmer, if it's blingy, we want it on our nails.

So if you too love a bedazzled manicure, keep scrolling because we've rounded up some of our favourite glitter nail designs to bring you all the inspo you'll need this festive season. Scroll, screenshot and take these with you to your next nail appointment. Oh, and be sure to tag us in your pictures on Instagram too.

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