This Is the Scariest Place to Work Out

Think you aren’t scared of heights? Well, we’re about to call your bluff. As reported on Refinery29, new plans showcasing a "sky pool" in a luxury high-rise have been unveiled as part of the Embassy Gardens project in London. The all-glass structure, engineered by Arup Associates for the Ballymore Group, is undeniably innovative and stunning as a piece of architecture. But sorry, swimming laps that high in the sky just isn’t worth the probable panic attack. We think we’ll stay on the ground with our trusty Manduka Yoga and Pilates Mat ($98) for our leg and ab work.  

What do you think of the sky pool? Could you stomach swimming 10 stories off the ground and still have the courage to look down? Shiver! Sound off below! 

Head on over to Refinery29 to read more about the pool's unveil.