The Surprising Secret Behind Gigi Hadid's Model Body

There's no denying that everyone's eyes are naturally drawn to Gigi Hadid whenever she's on the catwalk. She's got that classic all-American look, thanks to her golden blonde hair and super-athletic figure that even the best of us find envy-inducing. 

While she's come under fire for her body shape in the past, she has controlled the narrative each time by shutting down her critics (just another reason why we love her). But that doesn't mean she's adverse to being open and honest about how much hard work it takes to get a model's body.

So what, exactly, does it take to get a figure like Hadid's? It might surprise you, but it definitely takes more than just good genes, although we can't deny that must help (have you seen her sister Bella?). In a recent interview, Hadid finally revealed how she achieves her coveted athletic figure. 

Keep scrolling for Gigi Hadid's tricks to staying in shape. You might be surprised.



Taylor Hill/Getty Images

When asked if she does anything particularly special to work out, refreshingly Hadid admits there isn't. In fact, she doesn't even watch what she eats as she works out so much: "I think it's important to always do what makes you feel happy and your best. Thankfully I can eat whatever I want as long as I am working out so I really don't diet that much."

However, she concedes that there are some times during the year when she has to focus more on her diet and what she's eating, whether that's a big catwalk show or when she's going to be on TV (phew).

And on how she really likes to work out? Well, that's a combination of activities we never expected. While we already know she's a fan of boxing, did you know that she also likes another sport to whip her into shape? 

"I grew up riding horses and playing volleyball so when I moved to New York I found it so hard to just go to the gym and run on a treadmill. That's why I started boxing," the model revealed. "Right before the Victoria's Secret show last year, I also started doing a bit of ballet. Even though I am a horrible dancer, I think it's so much fun—I always go with friends."

So, who's up for a spot of boxing? 

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