Gigi Hadid Auditioned 3 Times for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Getty/Kevin Mazur

In case you thought Gigi was easily handed the opportunity to walk the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show yesterday, think again. According to her mum, Yolanda Foster, the 20-year-old model was rejected twice before finally landing the audition this year. Foster tells the Daily Mail, "She's missed it twice; this was her third try, and she pulled it off and got a spot that millions and millions of beautiful women deserve as much as she does. That's a part of the game, though."

If you haven't seen the emotional moment where Hadid drops to her knees upon finding out she's been given a spot on the runway, prepare to grab a tissue. Foster says she's watched it "a hundred times" and that it was "the highlight of a mother's life." There's nothing like having incredible family support by your side, and we'd say Hadid had some pretty amazing cheerleaders in the audience Tuesday.

So how did the model prepare for the big day? As expected, lots and lots of exercise. Hadid tells Refinery29 that she spent the past week working out twice a day and even opted for cryotherapy the day before the show. Says Hadid of the ice-cold treatment, "It's really good for healing your muscles and feeling fresh and having good energy." We can only imagine how much ice she'd need after all those workouts!

Psst—we spotted Gigi backstage getting her hair curled with the official hair sponsor of the show, the Beachwaver ($129). It's as easy as pressing a button, and bam! Amazing, Angel-worthy waves.

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