Gigi Hadid Reveals the One Beauty Treatment She'll Never Try


Getty/Michael Stewart

Talk about a natural beauty! Oftentimes when we think of models, we think of glitz and glam, but for Hadid, it's actually the opposite. The blond bombshell recently sat down for a video with W magazine to discuss her surprisingly low-maintenance take on beauty: "I wish I had the energy to do full makeup, honestly; like, there are people that I'm even friends with that are in full beauty, outfit, everything looks every single day, and I wish I had that energy. I just don't." Hadid jokingly says that when she's feeling "cute" or if she gets a little more shut-eye one morning, she might opt for a tinted moisturizer—seriously, could this girl be any more relatable and down-to-earth?

The one treatment Hadid will never get, though? A facial: "I hate facials—like, I'm so scared of them. I just don't want someone touching my face. I get claustrophobic," Hadid explains. We totally get the whole touching-of-the-face phobia that Hadid feels, and consulted celebrity esthetician Renee Rouleau for tips on how to do it yourself: "Cleanse and exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliating scrub. A facial scrub with round particles (I like using jojoba beads) will roll over the skin and break down and polish away surface dry skin cells" (try Renee Rouleau Mint Buffing Beads, $43). After rinsing and patting dry, Rouleau suggests applying an exfoliating peel for three to 10 minutes. Then, after rinsing that off, she suggests applying a serum followed by a mask to help push the serum deeper into your skin. Let that sit for 10 minutes, then rinse and follow up with a moisturizer. For more at-home products that will give you super-smooth skin, check out some of our other picks for the best at-home facial, free of anyone else's hands.

Do you have a low-maintenance beauty routine, or are you a total product junkie? Tell us below!