5 Amazing Health Benefits of Clarified Butter (or Ghee)

First off, let’s clear up the question that everyone is wondering… What in the world is ghee? Ghee is a clarified butter made from the milk of a buffalo or cow. Still confused? We were too. Now that we understand what ghee is (kind of), it’s time to answer the next question… What the heck is clarified butter? The short answer is milk fat (sounds healthy, right?). Clarified butter is milk fat rendered after butter separates from the milk solids and water found in an average unsalted stick. Ghee is most commonly found in South Asian dishes but has recently been making its way into the diets of healthy-conscious people everywhere. And it’s been linked to many health benefits and healing powers. So if it looks like butter, tastes like butter, and smells like butter, can it actually be healthy? Keep scrolling to find out!