5 Styling Hacks That Make Wigs Look Real

Look, we might be telling you something you already know, but did you realise that a lot of the time when celebrities are on the red carpet or at big events, they often wear wigs? Kylie Jenner is renowned for putting them on when she fancies a shorter 'do or something wild and colourful. In fact, she has a whole wardrobe full of them for when she wants a new hairstyle. But it's not just celebs who rely on wigs, ghd wants to help real women understand how to use wigs, because aside from being a fun way to change your look, they can also play an important part during cancer treatments.  

So how, exactly, do you make them look realistic? Zoe Irwin, one of ghd's ambassadors has some fantastic tips on how to "hack" wigs and has this to say about the rise in their popularity: 

"Often the hair that we lust after like Beyoncé’s new curl or Jessie J’s crop cut is all wigs, so don’t be scared of wigs. Synthetic wigs are a great starting point and are used a lot as the price point is so fantastic."

As part of a campaign with Breast Cancer Now charity, ghd has created an online hair hub for advice on how to recover from treatment-related hair loss, tying a '70s headscarf, or how to make a shop-bought wig look realistic. 

Keep scrolling for the five tips on how to style a wig to make it look real.