The Most Epic Roundup of Braids from Game of Thrones

Few things in life cause us as much wonder and envy as the ladies’ hair in Game of Thrones. Whether it’s Daenerys’ elaborate, perfectly-windblown braids or Sansa’s mindblowing twist-bun-crown hybrids, we bow to these ladies for both the strength of their character and the tenacity of their locks (seriously though, surviving the desert and arriving at Qarth with your hair looking that great deserves major props).

Today, we’re appeasing our inner fan girl and sharing the most epic roundup of braids from Game of Thrones ever. Warning: may cause a sudden urge to dye your hair blonde and shout “My sun and my stars!” while Googling “how to adopt a dragon.”


Click through to see the best braids from Cersei, Sansa, Daenerys and more! Pin them and take them to your favourite braid bar this summer, or start practicing your braid technique for Coachella.