Curious About Organic Beauty? These Sisters Know Exactly Where to Start


Courtesy of ftoxins

We'd all like to be a bit more conscious when it comes to our beauty consumption, wouldn't we? The problem is that the complicated lexicon around natural ingredients and the vast number of new "natural" skincare, makeup and hair brands popping up on beauty shelves don't exactly make it easy. Then there's also the big issue of greenwashing to contend with—with sneaky brands leading you down paths that aren't perhaps as organic or natural as they might seem.

To navigate this tricky world of nontoxic, natural beauty, we're going to need trustworthy guides, and that's exactly where Delphine and Ariane Chui come in. You've probably already figured this out, but they are sisters, and they've joined forces to launch Ftoxins, an organic beauty blog offering the best advice on how to switch your favourite beauty products for more natural alternatives that are just as hardworking.

The more you hear from the pair, the more you realise that going fully or partially natural with your beauty routine perhaps isn't half as difficult as you might have first thought. Ariane and Delphine fill us in on their organic journey below, along with plenty of helpful guidance to see you on your way.