French Skincare Secrets From Caudalie's Ageless Founder

It’s safe to say French women have the market cornered on “effortless” beauty and ageing gracefully. No one exemplifies that more than Mathilde Thomas, who, along with her husband, Bertrand, is the brains and face behind innovative French beauty brand Caudalie.

Caudalie was one of the first beauty lines I ever discovered in Sephora, almost seven years ago, thanks to a store-person raving about the brand’s effective use of resveratrol (a now-famous grape-derived antioxidant compound, which Caudalie was utilising years before it was buzzy). Having grown up on a vineyard in Grenoble, France, Thomas learned firsthand the beauty power that could be harnessed from grapes, and to this day she’s a walking advertisement for her all-natural skincare line. I had the chance to meet Thomas in person in honour of the launch of her new book, The French Beauty Solution, and she’s everything you would imagine an authentically French beauty brand founder to be: confident, gorgeous, and actually glowing. She’s the kind of woman who makes you think, I want whatever she’s having/drinking/doing. Lucky for us, Thomas wrote her book (an interesting, informative, and delightful must-read) to explain how to take a holistic approach to living beautifully, from the inside out. To hold you over until you’ve nabbed your copy, she also took the time to answer our prying questions and share a few of her secrets here today. So keep scrolling to learn all about beauty from someone who knows best!