The Best French Skincare Brands and What to Buy From Each

We've waxed on about French beauty for years now—researching the best French makeup brands, a French girl's approach to "dieting," winter's biggest makeup trend according to a French MUA, hair products French women can't live without, as well as a conversation with two women of color on the issues with America's idea of "French beauty." So yeah, we're into it. There's just something about French products that keeps attracting us, offering low-maintenance, feel-good formulas and results to match. We set out to find the best skincare brands France has to offer (ones that are available in the U.S.) and did a lot of testing, trying, and reviewing in order to come up with the cream of the crop.

Below, find six favorites, some that have served us for years as well as a few we just discovered. We asked makeup artists, skincare experts, and a few French readers who know their stuff when it comes to skincare. The result was a list of goods suitable for many different skin types and tones, from acne-prone or combination to dry or sensitive and back again. Below, find your new favorite formulas, all French-born and -bred. Keep scrolling for our picks.