Top French Hairstylists Think These Hair Trends Are So Over


Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Year after year, trends come and go—leaving us with questionable photographs and a lot of What was I thinking? retrospection. For me, examples include an overdose of '80s pink blush (which is back, by the way), disastrous eyeliner, and rainbow hair dye. Through it all, though, one thing has stayed constant: the timelessness of French beauty. It's simple, classic, effortless and edgy all at the exact same time. It's Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Catherine Deneuve followed by modern-day ingénues like Louise Follain and Jeanne Damas. It's last night's eyeliner turned into today's smudged eye and lived-in hair.

For an update on all things je ne sais quoi, I reached out to two well-known French stylists, hoping that by the end of it I'd be well on my way to looking more Parisian. They schooled me on trends that French women wouldn't wear anymore and popular hairstyles that are so over for the coming year.