11 Editors on the Best Free Hair Tips They Have Learned

It's always a bit disappointing when you're admiring another human's hair from afar only to find out they have achieved that impeccable shine, staggering bounce, and/or all-around commercial-esque perfection by way of a super-pricey treatment or a product amounting to more than our monthly rent. Of course, that's not to say there's anything inherently wrong with investing in the health and lustiness of our locks (believe us—we've made our wallets cry on more than one occasion), but we've also found a good hair day doesn't necessarily have to cost an arm, a leg and a gazillion pounds. In fact, oftentimes, they come to us for free.

Over the years, we've amassed quite the haul of hair tips—some of which have served us well and some of which we've quickly discarded with little to no remorse. But right here and now, we want to dedicate a moment to the best hair tips we've ever received that are basically free to implement. Sure, they might involve a spritz of the dry shampoo currently sitting atop your vanity or the blow-dryer you already love and swear by, but other than that, they're 100% free—pertaining to the methods in which we strategically apply products, the way in which we manipulate the hair tools we already own, and even how we approach our shampoo and shower technique. Ahead, the 11 best free hair tips our editors have ever learned and remain grateful for to this day. Keep scrolling!