14 Free Beauty Treatments You Never Knew You Could Get at the Airport



Waiting around in the airport can be so boring, especially if your flight is delayed. You don't want to waste precious chapters of your book that you could read poolside, stocking up on snacks only takes a matter of minutes and there probably is a limit as to how many precautionary toilet trips you need to make. But as it turns out, we've been doing airports all wrong.

In fact, hidden amongst the shiny counters of the World Duty Free hall are so many useful, interesting and beneficial ways to use up those spare hours: free beauty treatments. Of course, we're used to dodging incoming spritzes of perfume left right and centre, but beyond the trigger-happy army lies hand massages, mini facials and full makeovers. There are hair fixes, lip master classes and eye massages galore. And they're all so quick and easy that there's no chance you'll miss that final boarding call.

Of course, you'll no doubt discover plenty of beauty products you'll want to stock your carry on as you dart from counter to counter, but with no VAT—this is duty-free, after all—there's no reason not to invest. So consider the below your hit list of treatments to prepare you for the flight (and holiday) ahead.