If Your Skin, Mind and Spirit Could Do With a Lift, Try This Essential Oil

While dousing yourself from head to toe in essential oils may not be able to fix your entire life, these potent plant extracts can offer a wealth of therapeutic benefits. We've all had a love affair with ever-popular lavender at some point thanks to its stress-reducing and sleep-inducing capabilities, but there's another super oil that might not be on your radar.

We're talking about frankincense. This all-rounder has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that work wonders on rejuvenating, healing and toning skin as well as diminishing the appearance of blemishes. That's not all, though: Its soothing properties are great for promoting deeper focus and a sense of calm, and for reducing anxiety and stress. As we head into cold and flu season, you'll also be glad to know that it helps to battle them by easing breathing and providing relief from coughs.

If you're into spirituality and wellness, you've probably caught a whiff of frankincense in the air at some point. And it's not another new-age fad, as use of the resin from the Boswellia tree can be traced back to ancient civilisations with roots in many religions, including Christianity. Today, it's often used as a spiritual tool for cleansing spaces, and as an aid for meditation and rituals.

Ready to add it to your box of remedies? We've picked out the best products utilising frankincense oil's benefits for you to try.

We all need that little pick-me-up during the day to recentre and calm the mind, and that's exactly what this balm does. With a soothing hit of frankincense, sandalwood and lavender, keep one in your bag for when you need to de-stress. 

If you're looking for a do-it-all oil, try out these products to see just how hardworking frankincense is.