7 Foundation Mistakes We've All Fallen Victim To

Great foundation shouldn't look like makeup—it should look like flawless skin. It should work hard to perfect your complexion all day long, yet always be invisible. The trouble is that when foundation goes wrong, it all of a sudden becomes very apparent that it's there. It could be that tideline along the jaw, a streak here or a cakey patch there.

These are the kind of mistakes that drive makeup artists crazy, and they're also the telltale makeup mishaps that our other halves will often call us out on (which we are both annoyed by and grateful for). To help us avoid these mistakes in the future, we called on five makeup artists to share their foundation tips, so we can always look like we've got that no-makeup makeup look on lockdown.

From matching your foundation shade perfectly to concealing pores like a pro, keep scrolling for the seven foundation mistakes we all make from time to time and how to fix them.